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Radiant Cushion Foundation Natural SPF 25 - # Cle De Peau

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A luxurious, long-lasting & mesh-type cushion foundation that is inspired by the radiance of a diamond

Creates a naturally glow & beautiful coverage with a delicate yet sophisticated sheen & supple feel

Perfectly adheres to skin with a weightless ‘second-skin fit’ & a fresh, cool feel

Contains exclusive Light-Empowering Enhancer & Skin-Empowering Illuminator to amplify radiant finish

Incorporates DUO Capsule-in-Gel Formulation to form an ultra-thin film that locks in moisture

Formulated with Lasting Control Function to resist dullness, shine from excess sebum, makeup creasing & fading

Contains Chestnut Rosa Fruit Extract with anti-oxidation property

Imbues the skin with moisture for 24 hours & provides a 16-hour wear

Supports skin’s inherent potential against skin damages which is caused by environmental aggressors such as dryness, UVA, UVB, blue light & infrared rays

Protects skin against harmful UV with SPF25

Improves dryness & smoothness of skin after two weeks’ use

Infused with a fragrance of natural rose oil that inspires feelings of elegance

Applies easily to even the smallest, most intricate areas with a precision-fit makeup puff to minimize skin imperfections

Keeps skin feeling smooth even after makeup is removed

Dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic

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